About Red Dust Safaris

Red Dust Safaris: In usually means an age of living in prosperity, we offer perfectly-tailored travel Safari experiences. Perhaps an unlikely name for a travel company, but please keep reading and we’ll explain what it all means “seeing through the red dust”


About Company

We are a team of people in the known (about travel in Africa). And we’re passionate about detail and service. Combine these, and you come out with our one simple, sole purpose – to encourage and indulge your curiosity about the wild-life and to ensure that your time away is perfect.

We know that it’s incredibly important to spend your time off well. We’ve been there. It’s why we went on to create RED DUST. So it’s safe to say that your precious time off is safe in our hands because we understand how every moment counts. You don’t want to miss a single thing – down to the last song before the sun sets, being played on a battered piano in our favourite hidden cave bar in Kenya.


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